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The United Kingdom's definition of Woodland includes 600,000 hectares of felled trees

Image credit, clockwise: John Lucas, Mary and Angus Hogg, Adam Burton / WTML

Out of 3,160,000 hectares that the National Forest Inventory designates as "woodland" only 25%, or 750,000 hectares, host what can be considered Native Woods, with the rest being predominately coniferous plantations meant to be harvested - a crop, poisoning the soil and water it's standing on and making it unsuitable for native habitat residents.

Native Trees comprise just 6% of UK's total land area

When combining the Ancient Woodland Inventories and Trees Outside Woods dataset, the Native Trees if the United Kingdom1 make up just 1,500,000 hectares2 split almost equally.

This figure has also been reduced by at least 70,000 hectares or 4% in the last decade, predominantly due to fellings.

The area of felled woodland has grown 200% over the last decade

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During the period between 2012 and 2022 the area of woodland reported by NFI as "Felled" or equivalently empty has grown from 200,000 hectares to 600,000, tripling in just a decade. This includes 70,000 hectares of land present in the Ancient Woodland Inventories.

This means that currently there is around 600,000 hectares of land standing without a tree to speak of.


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Whilst professional planting is by far the most efficient way of afforestation, there is immense benefit in engaging locally and meeting new people. Seek out your local projects and events!

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Detailed methodology, data sources and attributions can be found in the GitHub repository.

  1. Trees Data for Northern Ireland not included due to being largely unavailable, total area is UK.
  2. National Forest Inventory's Woodland Ecological Condition report claims that Native trees make up 1.5m hectares alone, without the 750k hectares of trees outside woods, but geospatial data for that survey is not available and definitions may be considered flawed with real numbers closer to 1,3m hectares.